Low Injection-Pressure Sealants

When injecting a clamp, enclosure or gland packing the less stress applied to the valve, flange or pipe the better.

These are live lines and already under pressure – so by using a LIP Sealant – Low Injection Pressure – we place as little additional stress as possible.

We have tested the pressure required for our compound to travel around a void inside a clamp.


Then we increase the pressure inside until it is just above line pressure – this forces the leak back and holds it.

Please watch the video clip and take note of the compound traveling around the outside of the gasket.

It fills all the bolt cavities and carries on.

The front face is made of Perspex It also has a crack in Perspex – before the injection starts? And yet because we are using a Low Injection Pressure – NO FURTHER DAMAGE is caused to the Perspex.

Our Bespoke Sealants

(Cartridge form, price per 250 gram pack)
LIP 100 A/F Lubricated PTFE/Silicone (non-toxic)
LIP 203 A/F Easy flow steam and general chemical
LIP 200T A/F High temp steam and general chemical (thermo set)
LIP 273T A/F Low/medium temp steam & condensate, also general chemical (thermo set)
LIP 400 A/F General chemical & caustic use
LIP 400+ A/F Super high temp, easy flow
LIP 400C1 A/F Chlorine mix
LIP 550 A/F Solid PTFE – aggressive chemical use
LIP 659 A/F High temp ceramic, free flowing
LIP 873 A/F Ex. fol super high temp, easy flow
LIP 900 A/F High temp easy flow