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Services we provide

An overview of the services we can offer

24/7 On line leak sealing

Our team of highly experienced online leak sealers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A leak will never give warning so our team are on standby from our Midlands Based workshop 365 days a year!

Valve supply and refurbishment

We can supply any valve brand new-along with refurbishing any valve you can send to our workshop

Adhesives, sealants and gaskets

No matter what the problem we can supply you with the sealants you need to suit whatever job. Our UK workshop can machine whatever is required and combine this with any sealant to get you back on track

Hot Tapping

Keeping you online with
pressure tapping is our specialty


Composite Pipe Wrap Repair

Composite pipe wrap repair serves as a perfect
partner to our unique online leak sealing clamps



How we Differ from others?

Our service is one of a kind - fast, & reliable - Guaranteed

Taking Online Leak Sealing To A New Level!

Our team have decades of experience dealing with online leak seals throughout the world in some of the most dangerous and difficult locations. From the middle of a desert to radioactive leaks we can not only get there with a rapid response but more importantly effectively control almost any situation whilst on site.

We work very differently to most as our technicians are skilled welders and machinists that then trained as Leak Sealing Technicians. The team you are sent will be responsible from start to finish -bringing the problem back to the workshop and  machining  / manufacturing the parts required for your solution. From here this very same team will bring the solution back to you before applying it themselves. One team, one process, one point of contact makes for a rapid repair to any online leak seal.

  • Decades of experience with leak sealing
  • Team of skilled machine craftsmen
  • 24/7 Team of engineers on hand
  • Pioneering leak sealing technology
  • Guaranteed services every time
  • Rapid response regardless of the leak


Some of our other services

We provide a wide range of services

  • Potable Water Sealing
    We also seal live potable water leaks. Potable water requires special solutions to keep water drinkable. We use WRAS approved products, which do not contaminate…
  • Valve Management
    Seal Team Systems can provide a Valve Management Database designed to your specific plant requirements. The database is unique to the valves on your plant…
  • On Site Inspection
    We will come to site to view the work required, propose the solutions available to solve the problem, and work with you to put in…
  • Solution Designed
    We do not have solutions for your problem Sat on a shelf! Each customer has requirements that differ from someone else's - so we work…
  • Parts Manufactured
    Do you need bespoke parts manufactured? Call us - we have a diverse workshop and manufacture one off parts to order.
  • On Site Repair
    We seal your leaks on site to save you downtime.


Repairing your pipes is our business

No Shutdown Required

All our processes can be carried out while every pipe in on-line and running, this means your factory/plant can keep running and producing while we repair the fault. This process means you will not lose any production time, and save money and time.

Fast & Reliable

Our highly experienced team are on hand 24 hours a day from our central UK workshop and head quarters. We are confident no matter where you are in the world we can have an engineer with you in lightning fast time assessing your situation and putting your mind at ease. Our response time is the very reason our customers keep coming back!

Experts in the Industry

Our team have been in the online leak sealing industry for as long as we care to remember and its not just a job but a passion for our team. The tighter the gap, the more challenging the situation or remote the location, it will never affect how quick we resolve your leak.